1Most people have dreams but many simply don’t know how to make them a reality.  Many of my dreams have always been related to experiencing the world.  It all started with that first trip to Europe that I got as a college graduation gift.  It opened my mind, my world!  In that moment I knew that traveling was going to be an integral part of my life.

People think it is about money, but no, it is about making it a priority in your life.  If it is a priority, YOU will make it happen.  If you, like me, have the need to explore, to feel and  experience the unknown, to enjoy the differences and to understand the greatness of our world, welcome to Mari and Val Round the World.

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  1. Mari & Val,
    Congratulations!!! I’m so happy for both of you, is all about make the decision and follow your heart! I’ll follow you girls around the world! Probably we cross our journeys and exchange our experiences one day! Blessings! I’m proud of you! Ydalmis

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