“No, I am not dying.”

There have been multiple reactions when I have told people about my decision to quit my job and go travel the world.   Those who know me more closely, were immediately happy for me, called me a brave woman and encouraged me to follow my dreams.

Some of my co-workers thought I was just saying that as an elegant exit from my job.  Other people could not understand why I would do such a thing. They were somewhat skeptical at the beginning but after asking many questions, came to terms with the idea and supported by plan.  There were a couple of people who completely ignored the information when a friend mentioned what I was going to do, as if they even didn’t hear it.  That one was really weird.

Some of my daughter’s friends asked her if I was okay, but the most incredible one was my ex-husband who told my daughter that he thought I had a terminal disease and wanted to do this before dying.  What an ass &*%#!!

This idea of people thinking that only when you are about to die, is the time to decide to follow your dreams is interesting but very sad.

Life should be about living to the fullest, about experiencing, connecting, and feeling in the now!

I am part of the baby boomers, the generation that was raised to study, work, get married, have kids, work some more, retire after 30 years in the same company and postpone any out-of-the-box experiences until after retirement.  But something happened in my life that changed that paradigm completely…

My father had a stroke at age 42.  I was 8 years old.  He spend 20 years in a wheel chair, not being able to talk or walk.  I learned at a very young age that life can change in a minute.  I learned that you must not wait until after retirement to follow your dreams, to have fun, to explore the world.  I decided that I was going to have a balanced life.  For me, the meaning of work life balance was working very hard but also devoting time to do what I liked most, which was traveling.  I decided that I was going to start enjoying wonderful experiences early in my life and career. That my daughter was going to be raised with that mindset. That I was not going to wait until retirement.

So that became my goal every year, to work hard so that I could afford to go on our next vacation.  In addition to my child, this desire to explore the world has been one of the main drivers of my life.  For other people it’s not traveling, but the same concept applies.   I want for anyone who reads this blog to be inspired and to believe that anything is possible if you set your mind to it.  Make sure that your life includes doing the things that you are passionate about NOW.

Don’t wait. Make a plan. Postpone nothing!


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  1. That is my mindset!!!! Congratulations Marisol!!! The world is so big, diverse and interesting….. That is exactly the way I am raising my child. Gratitude is key, every experience matters….Congrats!


    1. Annette: I am so happy to see that you have such an amazing relationship with your son and that you are raising another “Citizen of the world”. Un abrazo.


  2. Life or “La Vida” as I prefer to calle it, is your private adventure that last whatever you want it to last. This is the best thing you have done for yourself and your daughter. Just turned 60 two days ago and after 31 years as a physician I can assure that there in no better time than the present. We have been programmed to plan all the time for the future but the future is today. Travelling has been shown as one of the best things to boost happiness. Éxito in your journey. Allan Santiago


    1. Allan: Congratulations on your recent birthday and thank you for your comment. You are so right, there is no better time than the present!


  3. I am very happy that you are doing what always was your dream since I met you. That should be the very best and gratifying adventure in your life goals. I bet 100% for you doing this and God bless every step in your traveling. There are so many people dreaming about doing some experience like that, but finally ends in a dream. My personal opinion, you have worked, organized and accomplished the biggest dream of a free spirit and traveling loving person,!! Go and get the world.
    Enjoy it big time,!!


  4. Marisol,
    Your decision has, without a doubt, required an enormous amount of courage. You have my most profound respect and admiration for living the reality of what many of us talk about but never really put into practice. This will be a huge part of your life journey. Fill your bags with endless experiences and memories. Continue to post pictures…I will live vicariously through you. Enjoy and safe travels to you and Valerie. God bless you!

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