Australia Dec.2010 – Jan.2011


Spending New Year’s Eve in Sydney was already a dream come true because it is known that their fireworks show is one of the most spectacular in the world!  The icing on the cake was attending the event called “Lawn with a View” at the Royal Botanical Gardens.  This lawn provided an excellent viewpoint of the illuminated Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge.  Every family brought their mat, there was live instrumental music playing and we got dinner boxes and wine.  In a relaxed and perfect environment we were able to enjoy not one but two shows.  At 9.00 pm they do a shorter version of the fireworks show and the illuminated boat parade and exactly at midnight we were treated to the most amazing spectacle of fireworks accompanied by synchronized music. Another magical night!



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  1. Hey Mari,
    So how long have you and your daughter been doing this global travel? Sydney on New Years Eve in 2011—-sounds marvelous….and those fireworks—wow. And just this past summer a trip around the world? How do you do it? Many blessings for your next set of adventures.

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    1. Hi Iliana: Nice to hear from you again. We have always loved to travel. There is no magic formula. I just work very hard, save, travel and repeat. I also accumulated a lot of miles with my business traveling and having a credit card that accumulates miles for every dollar spent. (Citibank AA Master Card).


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