Bora Bora May 2013


Bora Bora, like other islands of the Society Islands in French Polynesia, is surrounded  by a lagoon and a barrier reef which creates the perfect conditions to build overwater bungalows.  The water color is an indescribable turquoise blue and the view of Mount Otemanu make the perfect setting for a screen saver like imagery. I was lucky enough to celebrate my 50th birthday in Bora Bora and to stay at the St. Regis Bora Bora Hotel.

The over water bungalows are huge, beautifully decorated and have direct access to the water and glass cutouts on the floor so that you can see the water beneath you.   It was the most romantic vacation ever!



One of the “must do” excursions that you should take when you visit Bora Bora is the Lagoon Safari, which includes snorkeling & swimming with stingrays and sharks.  It is a great experience!  The stingrays are very friendly and you are able to touch them and swim with them in crystal clear waters.  The swim with the sharks is a bit more scary!  I am proud enough to say that I was the first one to jump in the water when the boat got to the area defined by our guide.  When I placed my mask in the water and looked down, I saw those huge beautiful animals!  I was amazed by their majesty but scared at the same time!  What if they get anxious and decide to eat me!  So I decided to go back to the boat.  The only words that came out of my mouth when I went back to the surface were: “They are huge!” (They were much bigger than the ones picture in the photo above, but unfortunately I don’t have pictures.)

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  1. Well, you are certainly brave. What a fabulous and amazing way to celebrate 50 great years. Congratulations and keep having fun…loved these photos.

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